Tuesday, 28.2.Wednesday, 1.3.Thursday, 2.3.Friday, 3.3. Posters
Chair – Jens Harting
13:00 - Nicolas Vogel - Anisotropic assembly structures from isotropic colloidal building blocks
13:30 - Matthieu Marechal - Enhanced diffusion of rotating colloids in non-equilibrium
14:00 - Jacco Snoeijer - Solid Capillarity
14:30 - Stephan Gekle - Margination dynamics of drug delivery agents in blood flow
Coffee Break
Chair – Jacco Snoeijer
15:30 - Martin Wagner - Hydrodynamic Swarming of Thermally Active Microdimers
16:00 - Matej Praprotnik - Concurrent coupling of atomistic and supramolecular water models
16:30 - Álvaro Marín - Particle trajectory entanglement in confined flows
17:00 - Walter Zimmermann - Migration and swimming of soft-particles in (time-dependent) Stokes flows
Chair – Andrea Scagliarini
9:00 - Maria Ekiel-Jeżewska - Brownian motion of colloidal particles with arbitrary shapes
9:30 - Enrico Calzavarini - Melting driven by turbulent thermal convection
10:00 - Ana-Sunčana Smith - The many faces of the bead-spring microswimmer
Coffee Break
Chair – Ana-Sunčana Smith
11:00 - Pietro Tierno - Emergent Hydrodynamic Bound States Between Magnetically Powered Active Micropropellers
11:30 - Thomas Bickel - Light-driven actuation of interfacial swimmers
12:00 - Eberhard Bodenschatz - Cilia-based transport networks
Chair – Álvaro Marín
14:30 - Sabine Klapp - Spatio-temporal dynamics and control of confined colloidal suspensions under shear
15:00 - Siegfried Dietrich - Capillary forces on colloids at fluid interfaces
15:30 - Joseph Keddie - Non-Equilibrium Stratification of Colloids by Size during an Evaporation Process

                                                              Coffee Break

Chair – Siegfried Dietrich
17:00 - Fernando Bresme - Molecular Simulations of the Interfacial structure of complex fluid interfaces
17:30 - Nuno Araújo - Non-equilibrium dynamics of colloidal particles at interfaces
18:00 - Ahmed Jarray - Influence of polymer-plasticizers interactions on the flexibility of film coatings
Chair – Pietro Tierno
9:00 - Christian Wagner - Clustering of red blood cells: A model system for soft deformable colloids
9:30 - Luca Brandt - Interface-resolved simulations of particle-laden channel flow
10:00 - Timm Krüger - Dynamics of rigid and soft red blood cells in deterministic lateral displacement devices with non-circular pillars
Coffee Break
Chair – Peter Schall
11:00 - Christos Likos - Polymer flow and polymer topology: linear chains, rings and knots flow differently
16:00 - Olivia du Roure - Dynamics of semiflexible filaments in shear flow
12:00 - Stefan Luding - Fluid-Solid interactions at interfaces for atoms and particles
Chair – Othmane Aouane
14:30 - Galien Grosjean - Self-assembled surface swimmers and micromanipulators
15:00 - Maxime Hubert - Self-assembled magnetocapillary swimmers
15:30 - Alexander Sukhov - Dynamics of magnetocapillary microswimmers: Lattice Boltzmann simulations
Coffee Break
Chair – Christos Likos
17:00 - Stefan Metzger - Complex transport processes at fluidic interfaces - numerical simulations based on thermodynamically consistent models
17:30 - Paul Gunnar Dommersnes - Electrohydrodynamic assembly and manipulation of particles and drops
18:00 - Nicolás Alejandro Rivas Abud - Mesoscopic simulations of electrokinetic phenomena: electrowetting dynamics
Chair – Marisol Ripoll
9:00 - Federico Toschi - Inferring earthquake statistics from soft-glass dynamics below yield stress
9:30 - Mihail Popescu - Dynamics of chemically active colloids near or at interfaces
10:00 - Marco Ellero - Towards the simulation of dense particle systems interacting with complex media
Coffee Break
Chair – Stefan Luding
11:00 - Peter Schall - Interfaces and fracture in cohesive colloidal systems
11:30 - Stefan Hutzler - Bubble-bubble interactions in 2D, just above the jamming transition
12:00 - Badr Kaoui - Flow and mass transfer around a core-shell reservoir
Coffee Break / Small Lunch on Site
Chair – Federico Toschi
13:30 - Michael Engel - Confinement affects colloid assembly in emulsion droplets
14:00 - Alexander Farutin - Amoeboid swimming in confined geometry
14:30 - Andrea Scagliarini - Dynamics of thin films and droplets of simple and polymeric liquids: lubrication theory and mesoscopic simulations
Daniel Berger - Thermal lattice Boltzmann method for catalytic flows
Simon Bogner - A direct numerical simultion approach for liquid-gas-solid flows
Qingguang Xie, Jens Harting - Direct Assembly of Magnetic Janus Particles at a Sessile Droplet Interface
Helena Massana-Cid - Transport of microcargos via hydrodynamic flow of magnetically driven colloidal ribbons
Thomas Schindler - Phase diagram and critical phase transitions of driven granular matter in quasi 2d
Maarten Wouters - Multi-scale simulation of the drying process of polymeric films
Jayant Pande - Analytical and numerical study of microswimming using the bead-spring model
Florian Günther - Janus particles at fluid interfaces
Oleg Trosman - Microswimming with inertia
Suryanarayana Maddu - Thin-film simulation using Shallow water-Lattice Boltzmann Method
Othmane Aouane - Jammed capsules as a model system for soft glassy mater
Abdallah Daddi-Moussa-Ider, Achim Guckenberger and Stephan Gekle - Induced long-lived anomalous thermal diffusion nearby elastic cell membranes
Achim Guckenberger and Stephan Gekle - Ultrasound-triggered margination of microbubbles for targeted drug delivery
Matthias Laumann - Cross-streamline migration of soft and asymmetric particles in oscillatory shearflow
Andre Förtsch - Migration-transition of sedimenting soft particles in vertical flows
Prapanch Nair, Mubashir Hussain and Thorsten Pöschel - Formation of liquid bridges with angled collisions between wet particles: a micro-scale study
Sebastian Mühlbauer, Severin Strobl, Kuang-Wu Lee, Thorsten Pöschel - Stochastic rotation dynamics with isotropic interaction